Friday, August 22, 2014

Church of the Body

Well, I've done gone crazy and written a novel. It's called CHURCH OF THE BODY. I published it on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback editions. I'm under no illusions. It will appeal to a niche audience at best. Although it wasn't my intent to offend, it will definitely offend some because it's permeated with religious themes. Since I'm not religious, you can see where this might lead.

The story follows a young, devout couple who fall victim to a brutal attack. They react to the tragedy in completely different ways. Both experience the world as if the supernatural really did become manifest in their lives. That includes evil as well as good so it's a mixed blessing.

I can't really say what genre this book belongs in. At times it's fantasy and horror. Other times it's drama and comedy. I let the characters have lives of their own so they get into some wild situations. I take no responsibility for letting them be themselves. I hope readers will see this book as it was intend -- more of a wrestling with, rather than a rejection of, the concept of God.

Publishing on Amazon was easy and cheap. Printed proofs of the book cost a total of $7 delivered, usually in less than a week. The books look good especially considering they're printed on demand, one copy at a time. The first few chapters can be read online just by clicking the cover here.

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